Mounting solutions for guidescopes

In today's Modern Astronomy there is a desire to use all the latest electronic imaging techniques to capture some wonderful long exposure images, either by CCD cameras or indeed Digital SLR's.
The term long exposure means that you have to have a very accurately aligned system or you would need to Autoguide. Again you have a choice as to which system you choose.
There are available a few cameras usually CCD's that have a self guiding mode but they are usually two chip cameras and they tend to be expensive, so the other option is to have two scopes, one with your guiding camera and one with your imaging camera attached.
Astroparts manufacture mounting solutions for such setups, in the form of versatile plates to mount pairs of scopes side by side or just a plate and a pair of rings for a piggyback option. My mounting rings come in various sizes to accommodate scopes of 50mm 60mm 75mm 90mm 100mm and130mm and are of rugged construction. Each with three screws with nylon tips to prevent scratching or any damage to your scopes, the rings screw directly onto a 100mm wide 12mm thick X 400mm long anodized aluminium plate with a range of hole pitches for a good balanced setup and for the main scope which normally comes fitted with a dovetail bar for fitting to a mount, I supply a Female dovetail unit again which is screwed to the plate at the other end in any pair of a range of holes, again to allow a well balanced setup.
Fitted below and along the centerline is another dovetail bar to fit the whole assembly onto your mount. The dovetail bars are for the vixen type Mount ie EQ6, HEQ5 etc. I also make plates for the Losmandy G11 and for theAltair D6